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    Email form

    I am a newbie using java script forms.

    I need an email form so that people can click a button, and their default email application will come up, with the "Send to" filled out with my email address.

    For example, if my email address is: mike@test.com

    And my html page has this on it:

    *Please contact Mike with any questions - <flash button that says Email Mike>*

    I have seen lots of form scripts for stuff like this, but I have no idea how to actually implement the script, where to put it, etc. Every explanation I've seen assumes a level of understanding that I do not have apparently, because all of my attempts have failed. I follow the instructions (I think) and it never works. My email application never comes up when I click the button. I just get an html page that says - page not found, or something to that effect.


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    If you want what you said, you don't need JS at all. Do you want a link to email to you, or do you want a form filled out and have that mailed to you?

    If all you want is an email to come up with your addy in the "to", then do this:

    <a href="mailto:mike@test.com">CLICK HERE</a>

    if you want a form mailed, then:

    <form method="post" name="mail" action="mailto:mike@test.com?subject=customers" enctype="text/plain">

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    Originally posted by Trigolt
    I need an email form so that people can click a button, and their default email application will come up ...
    What if they have no "default" email application at all?

    Otherwise, there is no script required for this.
    You just need a standard HTML form:
    <form method="get" action="mailto&#58;mike@test.com">
        <input type="hidden" name="subject" alt="email subject" value="Re:Questions">
        <input type="submit" name="emailme" alt="email submit" value="Email Mike">
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    Using a form like this though is only going to work for clients who have a mail client running on their system, it could easily fail for someone who is using webmail. It is better to use a server side language and an smtp server to send the mail if that is available to you.

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    That is true. However, since they specifically stated that they wanted the visitor's email application to be involved, that seemed to indicate to me that server-side code was not an option. Therefore, I did not include that caveat. I've now edited my post to include what I should have said in the first place.

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    Originally posted by phpnovice
    What if they have no "default" email application at all?
    i agree with them... What if your user doesn't have an email client how will they contact you?

    I think a simple 3 field form with a small php script would be best suited for this imho.

    If you would like I have a simple example I can send you and run you through it to make sure it works.

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