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Thread: defining a row height

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    defining a row height

    i have a table which i dont know in advance it number of rows,
    and i tried to set the title heigt to : height="50px"
    but what i see on screen for example is the title and the 2 rows under it in 33% each
    why is that?
    what to do?thanks in advance

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    Are you using this table for text, or for other things? (Your post was a little vague.)

    You might check to make sure that you haven't set the table's height to 100%. If you have, that'll override your cell heights.

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    Tables do not have a static height. Tables from the moment of their conception were designed to stretch with their contents. Setting a height to a table row is really like setting a minimum height. I would check to make sure there is nothing pulling on the table cells (like no css affecting it, like top or bottom of the table or another object), also the length of your contents and that there are no % heights anywhere in the table.

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