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Thread: Queston regarding redistributing of scripts from javascript.internet.com

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    Queston regarding redistributing of scripts from javascript.internet.com

    I have made a modification for phpbb2 forums, the mods adds a button that opens a popup for a wordcount script by Shawn Seley: this is the script http://javascript.internet.com/forms/word-count.html

    In the javascript all links and credits remain, the only thing i added to it was " phpBB integration by volf" under your link "Free JavaScripts provided by The JavaScript Source "

    From my install file of my mod

    PHP Code:
    ##    This mod will add a word counter as a popup, you can view a screenshot below 
    ##    [url]http://www.volf.biz/test/wordcount_test.jpg[/url]
    ##    I take no credit for the jawa script itselfe, all i did was integrate this to phpbb 
    ##    the author of the script is Shawn Seley [url]http://javascript.internet.com[/url] 
    My question is when I redistribute my mod that adds the button am I allowed to include the javascript in the zip

    The faq section isnt wary clear about this so I was hoping someone could clerify a bit

    Thanks for your time

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    That should be fine, so long as you leave the credit to JavaScript Source in the file.

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    Thanks for the quick responce.
    The credits will be cept intact as i am a big beliver in giving credits where cretis are due.

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