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Thread: excel data into form

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    excel data into form

    Is there a way for a user to fill out data in an Excel spreadsheet and have that data either sent to or copied into a form in ASP?

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    i have been kind of messing around with this but not your exact problem.

    Are you using a Template where the user will enter specific info
    into specific cells?

    what you might be able to do is create your template.
    on the templete you could have a button.
    When the user if finished filling out the data then the can
    push the button, it would fire off a sub, which should be able
    to grab all the data out of the cells and then build a query
    string and then open that query string.

    Now you should be able to grab all the values from the query string.

    Can i ask what exaclty you are trying to do.
    Because another option would be that once the user hits the button,
    you could write back to your database or update your database with the info.

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