I have developed a web site, but I have many holes in my knowledge development. I wondered if anyone would help me with the following needs for a charitable project that will help the poor of third world countries to gain more self-sufficiency in ways that are in harmony with the enviornment.

I need to set up the ability for someone to enter their name and email on a list in a data base and have others take one to three names off the list, with oldest entry coming up first. When a name comes up, before they can choose it they are prompted whether they have copied the name accurately and saved it because it then needs to be erased permanently from the data base when they click yes.

Also, a really basic question, is some kind of script needed to down load an e-book in either html or pdf formats? What if they donít have Adobe Acrobat? Do I need a link on my site for them to get a free copy?

Thanks to anyone who can help!

Blake, a new member