I knew there was one error I had while changing from transitional to strict that I'd forgotten; it was this: "target is not an attribute."

My original (transitional) page had this (double-spacing in
an effort to prevent horizontal scrolling):

<p>You can find my nonsensical<a href="collapse.htm"


 on a page that will open a new browser window.</p>
In order to validate the page as strict HTML, I removed the


And the file validated as strict.

I did sort of wonder about that usage. In this particular situation, since the target is on my same site, I don't think it matters a lot. But on a couple of pages, I link to other sites, and use the same instruction.

Is that something very different, and might that validate, when this version, linking to the same site, doesn't? (in strict HTML 4.01).

Can anyone perceive what I'm not understanding? <haha!>

Is there some other way I can or should handle this?


Sat, 29 Jan 2005 23:04:51