I am getting an error accessing www.ealingcc.co.uk (“Nothing to displayerror” every five or so clicks) which I cannot replicate on any other PC, either using my internet connection or other PCs and connections (clients, friends, internet café’s etc).

Image of error: http://www.ealingcc.co.uk/test/error.jpg

It doesn’t appear to be browser dependent, happening on my PC in
- IE 6.0.2900.2180 with sp2 installed
- Firefox 1.0
- Avant Browser 10.0 build 035

www.ealingcc.co.uk is based on PHP and MySQL and delivers information based on the URL in the browser.

I have another test site set up exactly the same way, here: www.simonduncan.co.uk/home/index.php (same content, same data, same database settings, same permisssions). What is really odd is that I cannot replicate the same error accessing this from my PC (or again any others).

I have:
- scanned and re-scanned my PC with different virus packages (Panda, Norton, Spyware stuff)
- I have cleaned and re-cleaned my Windows Registry

No problems apparently.

This is leading me to distraction, since it is happening to the PC that I develop on… and cannot move on whilst experiencing this error!

Any ideas?