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Thread: lil help plz

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    lil help plz

    I have webspace on a server and i have a cgi-bin in my space. I would like to start experimenting with cgi scripts in perl language but i need to install the perl software to the /usr/bin/perl directory and dont no how. I dled the perl software but theres lots of files and i dont no what to do with them. Any help would appreciated, thx.

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    If your server supports CGI scripting then they should have Perl installed already. Ask your host what the correct path is.

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    Hi jeff... Totally off subject.
    I just ran your for(split...
    'just another perl hacker', cleaver!

    You must have been doing this a while. I've got a couple of years at Perl but I still feel like a novice. At perlmonks they say after 10 years you're still learning. Maybe a silly question, but can you explain your obfuscation (is that right?).

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    Was the cgi-bin there when you took out the hosting plan, if so, then perl is installed on the server. the path is either

    /usr/bin/perl or /usr/local/bin/perl your provider should give you this information. There are servers like the cobalt RaQ which allow you to run perl scripts from anywhere on your site.

    Start off with this script http://www.scriptsolutions.com/programs/free/perldiver/
    upload this script to your cgi-bin in ASCII format and set the permisions to 755.

    When you run the script it will give you the perl version and modules installed.
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