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Thread: A thought to improve this forum.

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    A thought to improve this forum.

    I have no idea what it takes or even if it's possible but...

    I notice when posting code within 'code' tags, the posts frequently require the use of the horizontal scroll and if I omit the 'code' tags, the formatting goes to hell.

    Is it possible to progam in an automatic return (<br>) followed by a colored '+' sign at say char #60 (or whatever) to keep the formatting and eliminate the horizontal scroll (at least for 1024x768 resolution).

    Just a thought!

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    Yea thats a good idea. Im sure there is a way they can do that with a string but i dono how much work thatd be with php, but thats a good idea

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    if an automatic return is inserted after 60 chars that will only cause people to have errors in there code. Most people cut and paste the code from the post into their page, if for example there are extra returns inserted into the code by the forum and the correct syntax requires it to be on the same line then this will cause the code not to work. Sorry guys bad idea

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    Hi Guys....

    A compromise solution would be to keep the integrity of the code intact (no manual breaks or other changes to force a break) but to edit your comments with breaks that will not extend beyond the viewable screen area.

    Usually when code stretches the screen, the text that you also type follows the longer line formatting. If you preview your response before submitting, you can determine where to place manual breaks in your text.

    Just an idea...

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    I agree with your comments and fully understand the cut and paste issue. However, the added colored + sign should, hopefully, indicate that it needs to be removed after the paste.

    I agree with your approach (as is now) to remind people to preview thier posts and edit long lines. Of course that leaves us with the same problem that Ripeyed mentioned. In addition, you may have noticed that the preview window is 'almost' full screen width and the actual post is, I'll guess, 80% of screen width. So if you were to diligently edit your code to fit the preview window, you still end up with the horiz. scroll.

    and khaki, I (really) liked your avatar with the centered black frame best.

    Perhaps the following could be done...
    - Reduce the font size in code tag. (default)
    - Eliminate the indent.
    - Auto wrap the lines. (no cut & paste?? or is there?)

    Bearing in mind that the majority of posts do not create a problem, but when they do, it affects all posts in the thread.

    Take this post for example...

    and look who the posters are
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