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Thread: validate for numbers and letters

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    validate for numbers and letters

    I'm fairly new to Javascript and need a little help. How do I validate a field to ensure it contains at least one alpha character and at least one numeric character? Any help is appreciated.

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    <input onchange="if (!/[a-z]/i.test (this.value) || !/\d/.test (this.value)) {alert (); this.focus()}" type="text">
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    The easiest way is to use regular expressions.


    list of symbols:

    Regular expressions have a test() function, which returns true or false depending on whether a given match was found in a given string. For instance, here is a simple regex:

    var my_regex = /[a-z]/;

    That expression will match any lower case letter in a string. So, you could do this:

    var my_regex = /[a-z]/;
    var result = my_regex.test("123456a");

    That bit on the right of the equals sign says to search the string "123456a" for the pattern stored in the variable my_regex. Since the symbols stored in the variable my_regex will match any lower case letter, if any lower case letter is found in the string, then result will be true, otherwise result will be false.
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