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Thread: What's the best and most popular version manager?

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    Question What's the best and most popular version manager?

    I work for a large software development company, we use Serena Version Manager 8 (formally called PVCS Version Manager). I have also used Microsoft SourceSafe, althought it doesn't scale to the amount of files we have in our company.

    I was just wondering, is the Serena Version Manager the BEST and most widely used software out there for this purpose?

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    I'll say with some confidence that there is no "best" in this regard. Your development process has support requirements; your version control should support them to the maximum extent possible. The big tradeoff will generally be functionality versus license cost. Not knowing how many users you would have, what your configuration item mix looks like or whether you're in a WAN-distributed environment it's had to say much except Source Safe is unstable garbage that is useless in a distributed environment without third-party add-on kluges. Describe your environment in more detail. What do you find to be shortcomings of PVCS?
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