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    I have created a update register page with javascript and ASP.

    I have to first display the previous registration data.
    Secondly the user will select the data for updation.

    Now i have displayed the old data for the five text boxes and two checkboxes .
    But regarding the changed display i have done it only for the textboxes .

    My checkboxes take the new value store the data in the database and
    in the addresse bar also i get the id of the changed names but after clicking the register button the data in the checkboxes display the
    original data .

    i have only one chaeckbox value in the master database and other value id is only linked to the previous id.

    Can u send any sample or something for this

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    Can you provide us a link to this page? Its hard to understand what your trying to do.

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    Welcome to the board!

    And www.asp101.com has some short database examples in their Samples area.

    And if the pages post back to themselves possibly this could help:

    Classic ASP Design Tips - Post Back Page
    J. Paul Schmidt
    www.Bullschmidt.com - Freelance Web and Database Developer
    www.Bullschmidt.com/DevTip.asp - Classic ASP Design Tips

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