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Thread: Creating Membership Login

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    Creating Membership Login


    I would like to setup Membership login on an existing website. Pretty standard one which members need to register than log in to view certain areas of the website. (1) What is the easiest way to do this? The website is on a Linux server due to the requirements of a discussion forum (DiscusWare) installed on website. Also, (2) I donít want the users to have to register two times, one for majority of website, the other for the discussion forum. Can these be combined? I email DiscusWare and they said their program is not designed to provide password protection to any area of website other than the discussion area.

    Any help would really really be appreciated.


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    Do you have any programming experience?

    Generally, you have to present the user with a form via which he/she can enter their username and password. This is then checked against a database to try and make a match. If the supplied details are matched, the user is "logged in" and cookies or sessios variables are created to identify the user throughout the Web Site. Users who cannot log in correctly will be disallowed from the protected pages.


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