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Thread: Godawful Connection

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    Godawful Connection

    I have dial-up access on a rural line, so my connection's always a bit slow. I used to have 28.8 Kbps, but right now, my connection has slowed to a crawl: 14.4 Kbps.

    Is this solely due to mucky weather affecting my line, or could there be something wrong with my computer? Some time ago, my computer fixed a bunch of corrupted files, and I think I have a few trojans on my computer.

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    Well..this depends on a few things.

    1) Is your modem a 56k modem?

    2) Is the speed set at the maximum?

    3) Is the modem new?

    4) Did you experience a recent thunderstorm?

    5) Are you living in a very small town?

    I ask because I live in a town that is, for all intents and purposes, dead! So my Internet Provider doesn't really pay much attention to the quality of service to a dead town.

    Also, did you talk to your provider? Be careful though as they love to pin all the blame on you..it happened to me quite a bit.

    Also..ask your phone service provider too..they may be having problems with their trunk lines.

    Furthermore, nearby radios, T.V's and other electronics and even transmission stations can interfere.
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    1) I think so.

    2) Modem speed is set at Maximum (921600 bps)

    3) I had it installed a couple years ago, but it's newer than the computer.

    4) No.

    5) Crossfield is a town, but growing rather rapidly, from what I can tell.

    No radios or televisions are turned on when I use the internet; I use it quite late at night.

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