I've got a P111, 450MZ with 256MZ Ram, 8G HDD,40xCD Rom, running Win98SE. Over the years I've been pretty well everywhere and downloaded a lot of crap. I was given a CD/RW for Christmas and thoiught I knew enough to install it myself(big mistake) Anyway I got the computer to recognize both the cdrom and the cd/rw, but the software wouldn't work. Emailed the manufacturer who told me to use nero software and to do an ASPIchk.exe test to see if I had everything I needed to make it work. I was told from the test, I needed winaspi32.dll, winaspi.dll and apixvxd to be installed. I was only able to download the 1st one before all hell broke loose and nothing seemed to work. I had to shut it off manually and it will only start in safe mode and dosen't show either drive in my computer, but does if you let it try to open Win98 in the regular way.I've got quite a few pictures of my late mother on that computer and wanted to make a cd of them for my sisters and brother.Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.