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Thread: How can I get mailto to send me an "original" mail back as body

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    How can I get mailto to send me an "original" mail back as body

    I want to send an e-mail with a small <A HREF="mailto: ....> tag at the bottom so the reciever can click the link and get a mail to me including a subject and the original mail I sent. Is there anyway I can do this in HTML or is it possible in any other "language"?

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    There is no straight answer to your question. The "mailto:" protocol envokes the user's MAPI program (Outlook, etc.) assuming it is configured to do so. The user is warned that his email address is going to get exposed, and he may cancel the email at that point.

    Anyway, to get things in the body, you have to append things to the "mailto:" link:

    < a href="mailto:somebody@somewhere.com?body=This%20will%20be%20in%20the%20body">Mail me< /a>

    It will probably look like crap...;-)

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