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    FTP Login

    Howdy Folks!

    I've got a problem with my website, www.dannyrod.net . I started it up while spending my break at home in San Antonio, then came back up to campus (I live in a dorm) and tried to update it and was unable to do so. Basically, the university has certain ports blocked (including 21, which is usually used for FTP business) and I can't access my server through it. I use Dreamweaver and have tried changing the port # several times, but to no avail.

    Is there any specific port I can change it to to get it to work? I haven't updated in over a month, so this is pretty much money down the drain until I can get things working. I don't know what to change in order to continue updating my website, so any help at all would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Danny Rodriguez
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    [list=1][*]This is not related to accesability [*]You are viewing this site, so use whatever port your using for http[/list=1]
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