Okay, who didn't see the whining and complaining coming to this? The NHL has now cancelled the season, because the NHLPA wanted the players to be even BIGGER millionares than they already are.

What planet are these guys FROM!? All they do is play Hockey. They entertain. They don't do anything really worthwhile, they don't fix cars, they don't build houses, they don't truck, they don't write books, they just play Hockey. Whoopdidoo. (One could say the same about wrestlers, but they aren't sniveling about their salaries. At least not this year, anyways.)

And now NHL is said to have recieved a black eye. Well, actually, it's been revealed for what it is. Hockey will never be the same again. This just might leak over into other professional sports, like baseball (umpteen million dollars to toss a ball around in a glorified sandlot), or football (huge sums of money just to collide with each other).

Who knows. Maybe this fiasco might shake up Professional Sports, and make the players realize that if they piss off the fans enough, they'll be lucky to make anything above minimum wage.

In the long run, this whole nightmare could be a good thing.