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Thread: Select preceding or following node

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    Select preceding or following node

    How do I move through a node set? For example, I have 20 nodes named image. These are divided into 2 groups, by 2 distinct values set in the attribute "group" ie


    <image group="1" />


    <image group="2" />

    When i select a node in group 1, how can I select either the preceding or following node in group 1 in the xml file.

    I am trying to display each image individually, but have links to the preceding or following nodes. In short a kind of image gallery.

    I have tried to use the axes commands precedent-sibling and following-sibling, but these select all preceding or following nodes.

    thanks in advance for any help


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    Hope this helps


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    I guess we will assume this is a question about how to do this in DOM and not XSLT...

    In DOM land there is no nice clean way to do what you want. I assume you have a nodeList object which you got from the children property of another node or somesuch.

    Your best bet is to iterate through the nodeList object, which has a method, item(index) which will return the node with the given index, and a property, length which tells you how many items there are. So just use a for loop to sift through them and test each node you find to see if its got the property value you are interested in.

    This sort of thing is a pain in the arse using DOM. Now some DOM implementations will let you use an XPath statement to create a nodeList, in which case XPath of the form


    will select image elements which are children of the current element and have a group attribute who's value is 1.

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