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Thread: I have a question about the extention you save things as

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    I have a question about the extention you save things as

    I have noticed that some diffrent page has extentions like .htm or .shtml and I wondered what they do that. Is there any advantade to these extentions?

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    A normal HTML page would have an extension of .html or .htm . When a site has an extension like .asp, .shtml, .jhtml, etc., it usually means that certain programming languages are used with the site. I am not sure exactly which ones but I think that's what they mean.

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    The webserver that sends you the files will have a list of different ".etensions" which helps it send the correct mimetype for the requested file.

    .htm & .html is normally sent as text/html
    .txt as text/plain

    etc etc.
    // Stefan Huszics

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    It also depends upon how the server is configured, take for example the W3C http://www.w3.org/ most of their main pages are actually written with PHP but they configure to browser to have *.htm files parsed through PHP *.php so still have *.htm an extension for output.
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