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Thread: Installing XP Pro from local drive?

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    Question Installing XP Pro from local drive?

    Hey guys,
    Recently I was trying to upgrade my Windows XP Home Edition to Windows XP Professional Edition on my computer. One day while I was trying to install it, my CD drive burnt out. Now I'm no longer able to install from the CD. I do, however, have a copy of the CD contents on my hard drive. I was wondering if it is possible to install Windows from my local drive. I want to do a clean install and format the drive so I'm not sure if it's possible. Is there maybe a way to put the CD contents on a different partition or something? I really want to do a clean install due to the fact that my current Windows install is full of spyware and adware that no removal program I've tried can remove. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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    Uh the best way would be to use a cd. But there are other ways to install, like network install, etc. You might be able to do it if you boot from the installer hd and then it copies files to the desintation and then you boot from the other hd. But I am not sure how that would work. It might not be pretty. Your best bet is just burn the iso to a new disk with another cd rom drive... you can borrow one or get one cheap. cdrw: 25 bucks locally.

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