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Thread: i have a problem with object oriented programming

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    i have a problem with object oriented programming

    im studing this course and i would like to know if there is a site that shows as an esiast way how to have a grade a+
    is there a site shows how the answers will be for the biggenres in assighnment?
    thank you

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    Every course is structured differently. No Web Site will give you the answers to your exam. If you want an A+, you will need to study the concepts of Object Oriented programming.

    The best way to do this is to buy a book on OO or Java Concepts.


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    oh man AB, we could've sold him a book if u hadn't posted that

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    the teacher gave me the handout that im going to stud and it include
    the module extends programming and internet programming techniques beyond an introductory perspecticve.you will extend the programming skills to solve the real time problems using object-oriented concepts.the use of classes will be extended making use of the language features along with interface design.classes as reusable components will be shown.this also introduces exception-handling techniques for the efficient program.this module also introduces the programming from the internet using object_oriented language.
    aims and objectives:
    to develop the concept of object oriented programming
    to develop gui interface for internet programming
    to understand the benefits of reusable software
    to understand the advantage of exception handling techniques in programs

    to understand the benefits of dynamic linking methods

    outlines of the module:
    intrduction to java
    variables and data types in java
    control flow statements and arrays
    introduction to oop,classes and objects
    encapsulation,information hiding and packages
    inheritance,method overloading and reusability
    method overriding
    abstract classes
    awt package and gui components
    event handling programming
    exception handling

    assessment details:
    the grade for assessment 1 is built up from marks obtained from the two assignments and their vivas.the marks for the assignments are weighted so that the more difficult questions carr a higher weighting.higher grades will only be awarded to students achieving success in the more demanding exercises.

    the grade for assessment 2 will be derived from a time constrained end-semester written exam.the questions will be chosen to assess achievement of the module-specific learning outcomes above.

    late submission of assignment within grace time will reduce grades proportionately.but any submission beyond 2 weeks will not be marked at all.so planning and scheduling time is crucial.the students are expected to do a lot of self-study to figure out the problem scenario and programming techniques.
    any suspicious of plagiarism can be a candidate for investigation or non-evaluation of the student work.
    so web master im ready to buy a very brilliant book for this at least i could have b+ and i would like to know how the questains will be very difficult?
    yours faithfully abdalla

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    i'd recommend these 2:

    Beginning Java -- Wrox Press
    Professional Java

    then have a look at one or more of

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