I am looking for a decent host and I am thinking to ask the following questions - what else should I be asking and looking out for ?

Are you a reseller or do you own and maintain the servers yourself ?

Which version or Linux do you run - Redhat, Suse, Rock ?

Will I have access to the servers uptime command ?
What are the overload averages ?

Will I have access to mysqldump at the command line ?
If not how do I do my own backups ?

Will I have acces to cron ? at the command line ?

What notice do I get before upgrades ?
- do you let users see the php.ini before you implement it ?

PHP Settings :

Is PHP installed as an Apache module (or CGI variant) ?

Can you please email me the php.ini file for the server that would be hosting
my db so I can see what the settings are.

In particular what are these set to :

error_reporting s/be E_ALL
display errors. s/be off

Can I use htaccess files ?
Is PHP safemode disabled ?
What extensions do you have loaded. ?

What method do I use to access my mysql database
- Telnet, SSH, direct access or a control panel through my browser ?

How do I transfer my web pages ?
- FTP upload ? or SCP/SFTP ?

Can I upload a complete table or database to your server ?
How ?

How many databases can I have on one a/c ?
Can I have more than one account ?

What happens if I go over the traffic limit ?
What is the cost of over-the-limit traffic ?

Can I upgrade to a ligher trafic plan when I need to ?

How do I use SSL ?
Is there some limits on the number of files that use it
or a traffic limitation ?