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Thread: Mouseover/Image swap?

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    Unhappy Mouseover/Image swap?

    Howdy, umm... question. Not sure which forum to place this but, I am trying to create a product page with thumbnails. On mouseover, under or to the side a larger image appears on screen (same page)with pertinent product information; onclick smaller image with purchasing options (paypal/shopping cart etc...). Is this CSS/HTML/Java or what? Does anyone know of a script? Help please or could you redirect me.

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    It could be accomplished using CSS, but since Internet Explorer doesn't support many of the CSS selectors, you'll have to use JavaScript. Try posting this question in the JavaScript forum. We can help you out with the styling of those pop-ups, but not getting them to work in the first place

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    In general:

    PHP Code:
    <img src="Images/small.gif" onmouseover="this.src='Images/large.gif'" onmouseout="this.src='Images/small.gif'" /> 

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