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Thread: limit internet attack damage

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    limit internet attack damage

    I have a very simple question.

    I log on to Windows XP Media Center using a 'limited' account type.
    Connect to the internet.
    Visit EvilTrojan.com (hypotetically speaking) and click on the link "Download evil trojan and nasty worm HERE".

    Will these creatures be able to do any harm? (unless Windows is dumb, they shouldn't have acess to the system as long as I don't)
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    sure they can.

    Now if you were running a webserver and the user managed to gain entry to your system through a limited account they can't do as much. But as far as you physically downloading and executing a trojan... I think it just depends on what the trojan is and what it does.

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    Windows is dumb. Does that answer that question? lol

    Seriously, it also depends if your administrator account is called 'Administrator' or some other windows default, and whether it's passworded or not...
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