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Thread: Information please.

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    Information please.

    Hi there,

    I am looking for some information related to company registration in the United Kingdom please.
    I am currently starting a small web design company, offering CSS web design, custom PHP and logo design.
    Payments would be accepted through Paypal, and we're looking into Worldpay too.

    Would the company need to be registered in the UK/Wales to perform these tasks? Is it a absolute must?

    Many thanks.
    Kind regards,

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    No, AFAIK you can work as a sole trader without registration (though depending on your income, it may alter your tax position). There may well be advantages to registration as a limited company or other entity depending on your circumstances, so it is worth finding out about it and perhaps talking to an accountant or other professional.

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    I have been both a Limited Company and a Sole Trader and I can tell you that Sole Trader is much better to start. You just say "I am a Sole Trader" and that's it!! Limited Company you need to register and so on with Companies House and there are yearly costs. Either way you need insurance to cover yourself against getting sued - but this is absolutely critical as a Sole Trader.
    Go ask the tax man for some info on Sole Traders.

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