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Thread: Shopping Cart without purchase?

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    Shopping Cart without purchase?


    I've recently started a small local computer business, but would like to list a few products and prices on my site.

    I don't want to be spending much at all on shopping cart software and won't be accepting credit cards pruchases for a long time.

    I'd like to at some stage setup something like oscommerce on my site, however I've heard that it takes a lot to setup and configure as a lot of PHP is needed... is this true?

    If it is, does anyone know of a easy to use/setup and free shopping cart software where I can just list the products, prices and info, but not offer the add to cart or sale? As I won't want to be spending heaps of time trying to get a full, difficult shopping cart solution setup.


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    If you want to go cheap and simple, use PayPals free shopping cart.
    All you do is create an account and use their button maker to make a 'buy now' button for each product.
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    Note, it is going to be very difficult, if not impossible, to find a quality solution without forking out some cash.

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