By far the fastest, easiest & most cost effective way
To get traffic to your website site is pay-per-click

Pay per click advertising simply means that you pay
Nothing unless your ad is clicked on.

For example your advert may be shown 1000 times
But if it is only clicked on 10 times you only pay
For those ten times.

The key to pay per click advertising is simply
KEYWORDS. You must choose the keywords
That best relate to your product or service.

So for example if you had a website design service
Then your keywords/key phrases may be…
“website design”
“design a website”
“top web design company”
and so on

Then when anyone searches for these terms
You ads are triggered.

There are many free tools which can help you find keywords for your product or service, such as…
Overture keyword Tool -

The two most popular pay per click services are

Google Adwords – &
Overture –

I hope this information helps you,
To Your Success,
Mark Flavin.