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Thread: JavaScript bug categories

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    Exclamation JavaScript bug categories

    Could anyone tell me what the different categories are for JavaScript bugs? I need to know for a class.

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    yes, i can


    there are many types of bug suchas:

    1) Typos- these are the most common errors.
    2) Capital letters in the wrong place- As you should know JavaScript is a case sensative programing language so althougt Goo, gooD and GOOD are the same to you JavaScript considers them totaly different.
    3) Missing braces { } or parantheses ().
    4) ..,And the dreaded design errors- these are just about impossible to spot, they are created when your actual lagic is flawed. Some times the only way to correct these are to re-write the entire script again.
    5) Last of all there's the miss-function error on which you have called a function which has not been defined first.

    hope that helped

    Ryan Jones.

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