Hi all.

I have a friend who is a bankruptcy attorney. He asked me if I could create a web site for him that would allow clients from around the US to log on and do online bankruptcies.

Told him I probably could using FrontPage, but there is one thing I'm not sure how to do.

Here's the problem. The client would have to fill out a questionnaire online. Then that info. would have to be transferred to the official form issued by the US bankruptcy courts. My friend would then e-mail the official form back to the client who would print it and bring it to his/her local court.

No problem so far, but what is tricky is that the official form is in Microsoft Word format. The courts also require an electronic copy as well as a printed copy of the form.

Can anyone suggest a way to automatically take the info. From the questionnaire and have it all inserted into the proper fields in the Word document without doing it all manually?

Thanks very much for any help you can provide.