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Thread: Starting a new online e-commerce business

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    Question Starting a new online e-commerce business

    I am beginning a business and need some suggestions on where to find the best web developers, programmers, and graphic designers. If anyone has had great luck with one of the above please forward me their information. I have tried to research on the web, but it is so overwhelming with information and pricing. Also, if you have time and you see know someone who can design like www.girlshop.com, or www.oliveandbettes.com please let me know. thank you so much, andrea

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    Try some job posting Web Sites: www.monster.com, www.seek.com.au, www.jobs.net. Advertise, stating your requirements.

    Obviously, this depends on the nature of your business. If you want actually employ developers, try the above. However, if you simply want an E-Commerce Web Site developed, you have literally thousands of options.

    There will be quite a few local Web Development firms in your nearest city. Try searching Google, also.

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