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Thread: Database integration

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    Database integration


    I am starting a web page to sell used motorcycle parts. My inventory will be constantly changing, so I am thinking i need some type of database integration to get the job done effectively.

    I plan on using the paypal shopping cart.

    From reading other threads, it seems I need to learn how to use PHP. Anything else I need to have a good understanding of?

    Any ideas on good resources on learning what it takes to do this? Books, Webpages, Etc.

    My web devlopement skills are very limited...just getting started with Dreamweaver. Business is slow now, so I have plenty of time to study up now...and I though i was done with that when i finished up college a few months ago.

    I am currently using ebay as a means for sales, but hope to use the site and ebay together in the future.

    thanks in advance,

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    It is not imperative that you learn PHP to solve this problem; however, a good knowledge of a server-side scripting technology is required. PHP is one of several available options.

    Other options include:

    - ASP.NET
    - Java (JSP)
    - Classic ASP
    - Cold Fusion

    Personally, I would choose either ASP.NET with MS SQL Server on the back-end or JSP with MySQL back-end.

    If you feel comfortable with PHP, there are several excellent Web resources and even more excellent books available, namely, in the case of the former, www.php.net, the latter, Wrox Professional PHP and MySQL Web Development.

    I welcome you to the industry and hope you have fun. Do not rush yourself. E-Commerce Web Development is not something you can pick up in a Weekend.

    Andrew Buntine.

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