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Thread: Program requesting information?

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    Program requesting information?

    Hello everyone...

    I hate to keep bugging everyone with my stoopid questions but I need some input.

    Every time I log off the internet..I get a "pop up" message saying that me (or a program) is requesting information from a "Irleet.Dynu.com".

    The problem is that this is a relatively new occurance..I ran Spybot and found nothing. I even deleted programs I recently downloaded and installed but that is not the problem either.

    So I tried typing the URL mentioned on the message and couldn't get anything..I searched Google and there was no results. And I get this request even after emptying my cache, cookies, history and temp folder.

    It really isn't a big problem but I'd like to end these messages.

    Does anyone have an idea?

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    It most likely has to do with either you having a domain name offered by www.dynu.com or accessed and got material from one. If you haven't ever accessed www.dynu.com or one of its hosted domains, it's probably common adware. Run Adaware SE Personal as well as Microsoft's beta Anti-Spyware Software. They should take care of any ad and malware on your computer that SpyBot missed.


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    Sorry for not responding sooner..was having problems with my internet.

    Anywhoo...I figured out that it may be my chat program Trillian..I need to update it I guess.

    I did do a scan with Ad-Aware and Spybot and it yeilded no results.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Ok..here is the situation so far...I never accessed Dynu.com nor do I have a domain name with them but I do have many web pages stored on my computer..so I am figuring that something in one of those folders is interferring.

    So I took all my stored pages and moved them to my flash drive.
    So far so good...I even ran a search on my comp looking for dynu.com, irleet.dynu.com and other variants and nothing came up.

    So all I can figure is that something from one of the stored pages is now requesting info..we shall see.

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