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Thread: back and clear form button - any ideas?

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    back and clear form button - any ideas?


    I would like the have a button which does the following:

    Return user to data entry form (where they just entered data) but I would the text boxes to be clear (instead of containing the data the user has already entered)

    thanks alot for your help.

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    Hi. First time poster, longtime lurker .

    I take it that fix above is javascript and won't work for an HTML form, yes?

    If so, could you provide the full code and/or link to a simple form that when the "submit" button is hit, it both sends the info and resets the form page?

    I have an html version that sends the form no problem, but doesn't reset the page automatically after, so there's no indication from the user's side that anything has been done.

    As a result, I keep getting repeated emails, evidently from user's hitting the "submit" button over and over again.

    I used html because it's a very simple form and I'm not too familiar with how to integrate javascript into html, so I would also need the <HEAD> code to instruct the computer that it includes a javascript command.

    This is the page I'm working on: OBI "Get A Quote"

    As you'll see from viewing the source, my code is exceedingly simple (and incomplete; I'm still building the site). Any suggestions?


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    Sounds good to me. Can you provide the javascript code for a simple "mailto" form that submits the info and then resets the page (including the javascript instructional information to put in the <HEAD> attributes) or was that it before?

    Sorry, I just am not at all familiar with how javascript integrates with HTML


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