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    Blank pages

    I've build a website that runs on a local network. It's about a quatly manual. On some workstations in the network there are no problems but there are some on wich the paiges aren't displayed correctly. In the sorce code i've used some href links with \ in the path of the link.

    eg. href="07%20Beheer\V-3%20Klachten%20en%20verbeteringen.htm

    I've got over 50 paiges in witch i have to change the \ to /. Is there a tool to do this automaticly??

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    Most programmer's editors will let you load all those up at once and do a global replace on all files. Some will operate directly out of the file system. The sed editor is designed to do that but it's pretty tough to learn. In Windows I do that with SciTE and Jext.
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