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Thread: Surfing problems... Please help!

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    Surfing problems... Please help!

    I keep getting alot of "The page cannot be displayed" errors when surfing. I doesn't happen all the time but it does far too often... Can someone PLEASE Help??

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    the first thing to do is contact your ISP(internet service provider) and see if the problem lies with them(most likly), if not then try reinstalling your browser, maybe you had a problem with it(if your using IE then it might be hard to get a new copy so I recomend installing firefox instead or installing IE to a different partition of your harddrive and testing it there).

    other than that I can't think of any probs.
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    If you're using a wireless internet connection, this can happen if your connection is poor or inconsistent. If you're on a hard-line, disregard this. If you are on a wireless internet, you should moniter your connection details and see what your average signal rating is. If it's poor, consider either moving your computer or router to a more effective wireless configuration (ie don't put your router near large amounts of lead, humidity, other wireless devices, or near a window) or you can consider getting a better router or a signal boosting aparatus.
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    Try a different browser first of all, that may be one problem. Try Opera, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, or Avant. If it still occurs, I'd switch interent providers pronto.
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    Did Anyone Help??

    Quote Originally Posted by jmartel
    I keep getting alot of "The page cannot be displayed" errors when surfing. I doesn't happen all the time but it does far too often... Can someone PLEASE Help??
    I have the same problem. It seems to only happen when I go to certain pages. Bank login, Post an ad, Buy something online....... Any help would be great!

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    delete your temporary internet files

    if those have gotten big then it spends time looking for cached pages which may exceed the timing of the new page refreshing.

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    I have to admit I agree with harrisjw. That always fixes it for me.

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    I would use this Browser that is talked about in this thread. I have been using mine since its conception. The whole breakaway browser was top notch for me.

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