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Thread: site reviews by Yahoo - what are they ?

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    site reviews by Yahoo - what are they ?

    Hi everyone - I'm a new guy here. I have a question that has to do with something that Allen Gardyne has written in two of his articles. I hope that it's ok that I ask this here. Allen has two case studies where he talks about how an affiliate of his made $600/month, (with a web site about DJ'ing) and 1000/month (with a web site about computers). In each of these case studies, Rupert Farrow says he submitted his site to Yahoo for review, before any affiliate links were added, and this review cost $299. What would be the purpose of this review at Yahoo ? I was also kind of curious as to why affiliate links would have to be added after submitting to Yahoo ? Does Yahoo not approve of affilates ? Would it hurt a site's ranking ?

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    Yahoo probably does not allow affiliate advertising on websites. After it is indexed, you are save to other things not deemed ethical in Yahoos eyes. Best to review Yahoo submission guidelines.
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