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Thread: access cd info from an html page

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    access cd info from an html page

    Is there a way to access a computers cd drive from an html page? Any assistance would be appreciated.

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    Yes and No. The hard part is knowing the drive letter of the CD drive. If the CD drive is "D" then the following will display the directory of the root folder on the CD:

    <a href="file&#58;\\\D:\*.*">CD Directory</a>

    However, you lose control at that point. Your only other option is a JAVA applet or JavaScript. JavaScript, of course, may be disabled at the client. JavaScript would also require the use of an ActiveX control to access the local drives. ActiveX controls may also be disabled at the client.

    If this is for an intranet, and IE will be exclusively used, then JavaScript may be your feasible option.

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