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Thread: Fool Google and be safe?

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    Fool Google and be safe?

    Let's say I make an entirely different site (different domain, different provider) and get high rankings for it by braking all the rules. Then I place only one visible link saying "the site has moved. click here to go to the new location". Which takes the visitor to my real site.

    It will work. I reported to Google a high-ranking site that was using CSS to hide whole lists of keywords and that site is still there (with its high rankings) after more than a month.

    And here is the dilema:

    If this doesn't harm the real site, then it is a good thing to do (I mean, you haven't got anything to lose, right?).

    If it does harm the real site, then it might be a good thing to do to your competitor.

    LOL. I just thought it's about time someone said Google has a pretty dumb robot. I'm tired of sites ranking above me by braking the rules. It doesn't even pick up sites <title>that repeat the same thing in the title. that repeat the same thing in the title. </title> quite the contary, this seems to give them a boost.
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    Great con idea . I'd be too scared to attemp something like that for my website because you never know when they will ban you!

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    The problem is, the rules as you stated, are whatever Google let you get away with. The same applies to kids. He who dares and all that!

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