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Thread: Email File When Altered

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    Email File When Altered

    OK, Im not sure if this is supposed to be here, but it seemed like th best place. What I need to know if there is a way to have a file sent to my email whenever a file on my FTP server is changed. Here is exactly what I need...I have had a problem before with someone hacking into my server and changing the login info, and then I couldn't access my server for 4 days until the server host reset the login info for me. So, what I want is for anytime that my login file gets changed I get the updated file sent to me in an email. I'm sure that there is a way to do it...i just dont know what it is.

    Hopefully I can find a way to do this without having to insert extra code into my login file...since then the hacker will most likely find it and just remove it.
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    What operating system and server software does your site run on?
    • Windows / IIS
    • Windows / Apache
    • *nix / Apache

    If it is the last one, this is the wrong forum. If it is the middle one, this is most likely the wrong forum. Otherwise, perhaps someone here can help you -- but not me. Sorry. Good luck.

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