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Thread: Help with e-mail plz

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    Smile Help with e-mail plz

    Im a working on a new site at the moment and i nedd some help redirecting my e-mail let me show you what i mean

    at the moment my e-mail address is j_jeram@hotmail.com how do i make it so that it is Goober@jjgamechat.com i have seen it done berfore but i cant remeber how im not sure if it was done in html or PHP i would be very greatful if someone could help


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    it cannot be done with HTML. I recomend checking your host(and if host your owns site do a quick google search) and asking them about it, as I don't think it's possible with PHP

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    i dont actully want to change the e-mail address i just whant it so that the person that e-mails me useing that e-mail addres but it really gose to my hotmail one

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