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Thread: Domain name www.stocknshares.com for Sale

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    Domain name www.stocknshares.com for Sale

    Subject: Domain name www.stocknshares.com for Sale
    We are Providing Domain hosting and other software solutions and based in Karachi (Pakistan). Our Company name is Max Deziners. As USA is heading to a big show of Business and Stock Exchanges, In connection with we have acquired a very Interesting Domain named above which can be as attractive for describing markets events as it can be for It can be for advertisement of different product and services of other companies.If you are interested in buying this domain name you can reply to this e-mail we will let you know our procedure of selling out this domain name.
    Hoping for early and lucrative reply.
    Best regards,
    Zeeshan Ul Haq Siddique
    Tel: 92216644699
    Cell: 9203333233471
    Fax: 92216675307

    WWW.USAELECTION2008.COM also for sale

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    hi are you going to sell the domain then how much is your domain worth? to get the
    value you must appraise the domain .you can get the appraisal value of your domain
    name from here zippozap here they appraise the domain at free of cost.

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