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Thread: Submit Value for Form on another Website

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    Submit Value for Form on another Website

    I am an Avon rep, and I am able to refer people to this site and get credit if they sign up:


    Obviously, though, in order to get credit, I need the

    "If referred to by your local Avon Representative, please put Representative Number here:" Value, or

    the "sEmployeeID_Type6" value

    for the form to have my number in it, which is 04398420. In terms of ease of use, I doubt my clients will bother pushing the back button to find it.

    Is there a way where, using a link from my site to the site in question, I can have that value filled with my number?

    My website, which is currently under development, is www.sestinawellness.com.

    Thank you all so very much!

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    That site would have to support such functionality. You could pass your affiliate id on the referring URL but, as I said, that site would have to pick this up and populate the text box with the supplied affiliate id number.

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