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Thread: Please help!!! /monica

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    Please help!!! /monica

    ok, hereŽs the deal, IŽam creating a webpage. Ihave three frames, "top" "middle" "bottom". I have a dropdown menu at "top". The thing is this. These links will only open in "rmain" (the middle frame), but want I would want is that when you click on a link you could change both "middle" and "bottom" at the same time, or only change one frame. This is my Menu.

    Please help me! /Monica

    <select name="select" onChange="parent.rmain.location.href=this.options[this.selectedIndex].value">
    <option value="rvanster.html">Menu
    <option value="me.html">hi
    <option value="fact.html">fact
    <option value="rcontact.html">Contact </select>

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    the answer is in your code already.
    look at this line
    see you are telling the browser to change the location of loaded page for rmain frame. just like thisadd another line like that and point to any other frame where you want location to be changed, something like this



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