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Thread: [RESOLVED] Recovery,Please help

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Recovery,Please help


    I format one of my partiton ,Then install windows

    After that I tried for recovery by easy recovery .It recovered some of them ,But I need all the files in one of my file
    Easy recovery recovers some files form that folder,I need all those files in that folder
    Please guide me.

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    well I am guessing you did the quick install, otherwise you would be recovering nothing. You cannot recover files when that space on the disk has had something written on it since. The files might be lost forever if windows was installed on that cluster. So if you format the wrong disk or something it is important to stop what you are doing immediatly and write nothing on it and get on linux or something for recovery. If this is a life or death thing you can ship your disk off to a company that does professional data recovery but that can be VERY expencive ($100 + per mb).

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