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Thread: Can Enom do this to me?

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    Can Enom do this to me?

    I have 2 domains with an Enom reseller. The reseller close down and I cannot access my domain. I emailed Enom about the situation and this is the reply.

    Go to www.enom.com 'Create Your Free Account' to create your Login Name
    and Password. Send me the Login with a copy of your order
    confirmations. Upon receipt I'll transfer the domains to your new
    account. The transfer fee is $29.95 per domain and extends the term an
    additional year.

    Kind regards,

    Can Enom do this? This is crazy, I can register a domain for $7-8 and now they are asking $29.95! These domains rightly belong to me. I just need to access the domain to change the lock status and transfer it out.

    The domains are expiring and I cannot afford to drag on with the Enom support which is only via email.
    Any help or suggestion on how to resolved appreciated.

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    Since your domains were with an Enom reseller, you shouldn't have to transfer them.
    Have you done a 'whois' lookup on the domain name?
    Is your name mentioned as one of the contacts?

    Transfers and renewals over $10/yr is a ripoff.

    If you can get in access to do the transfer, I'm a registrar - just let me know.
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    It is a interesting sharing.......

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    These registrars can do almost anything they want. It annoys me sometimes. If you are hooked you are hooked.

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