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Thread: how to test if a string is not empty

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    Thank you. I appreciate that. All is forgiven and no hard feelings on my part.

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    I know its close to 10 years later, but if I would have found this article when it was first posted I would have saved myself a few headaches down the road. Anyway, I agree with phpnovice. For a long time I thought that only values greater than zero were considered true. It was because I picked up the concept from code snippets while "self teaching" myself how to program via online research. Once, I was properly educated I learned that its all numbers except zero that are considered true. I learned this the hard way when my logic was failing. I couldn't figure out why it was failing because it "looked" write. Anyway now I know.

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    Thanks a lot for your reply. Good to get a reply close to 10 years after the post.

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