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Thread: Sending Multiple Emails

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    Sending Multiple Emails

    Forgive for also posting this message in the Perl forum but I am not sure where my proble lies.

    I am having a problem in sending multiple emails. I am using the formmail.pl from scriptarchive.com. For some reason it is only sending to the first recipient in the form hidden control 'recipient'.

    Here is the code in the form
    <td><input type='hidden' name="recipient" value="johnpn@hotmail.com, abolla@lycos.co.uk, johnpn@nor-tech.co.uk"/></td>

    Here is a relevent snippet from the formmail.pl
    @referers = ('outpost57.com', 'hotmail.com', 'nor-tech.co.uk', 'lycos.co.uk');

    # @recipients defines the e-mail addresses or domain names that e-mail can #
    # be sent to. This must be filled in correctly to prevent SPAM and allow #
    # valid addresses to receive e-mail. Read the documentation to find out how #
    # this variable works!!! It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. #
    @recipients = &fill_recipients(@referers, '^abolla\@lycos\.co\.uk', '^johnnoble202\@hotmail\.com', '^john\@nor-tech\.co\.uk');

    Can anyone see what the problem might be?


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    @recipients = (&fill_recipients(@referers), '^abolla\@lycos\.co\.uk', '^johnnoble202\@hotmail\.com', '^john\@nor-tech\.co\.uk');
    Though you should not be using this script anyway. See the sticky Finding CGI Scripts.

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