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Thread: i need JSP coding

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    Unhappy i need JSP coding

    i need JSP/javascripts coding. i need coding where search with IC. we have to put IC in the textfield. then it will generate the all detail. example i have to put IC in the textfield. then it will generate the all detail of student details. pls i need the coding very urgent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    help me :

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    Its best to describe an explicit programmatical problem rather than just ask someone to create you an application from scratch. We can help you do it and I cannot speak for everyone, but I don't think someone will just create you an application with no real incentive to do so. It simply is not the point of these forums.

    I am assuming you want to search a database via the input of a field value (IC) from an HTML form. This is standard JSP database programming practise. The topic has been covered several times all over the web (including this forum).

    Here are som links that may be helpful:

    - http://www.sylistron.org/tutorial/jdbc/getting.html
    - http://www.codetoad.com/directory_type318.asp (archived links)

    Feel free to ask for additional (more specific and personified) help if required. And if I have misunderstood the intention of this post, make sure you tell me.


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