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    In reference to this quote i feel that many people fail with CSS for many different reasons, however the support or lack of support in the major browser IE does not help. Moreever the basic premise for the continued use and development of CSS and its support in a wider context is the use of this relatively new technology within more and more sites. Most web-developers are people that stick with what they know, and sometimes with good reason, however i would try to learn the many features surrounding good web design, not trying to preach but you have a design that looks good, that functions but does not cross browse correctly why, well there can be many reasons behind this, and not just the usual shout about IE and the lack of support for certain W3c standards. One of the most common mistakes is that of Doctype headings.

    I've been using CSS for a number of years now and still can't ever get any of my page to look the same in both Firefox and Internet Explorer -- there is always bigger gaps in IE here and there. If-only IE would keep up with standards...
    ...or I would keep up with CSS
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